What is Indisuspension Buffer (Urethane Buffer) ?

It supports suspension to enhance driving comfort and safety. It is made with our company's experience and technology.


What kinds of effect does Indisuspension Buffer (Urethane Buffer) have?

First, it reduces the shock against shock absorber when passing over speed breaker and bumpy road.

Therefore, it extends durability of shock absorber and also minimizes shock that comes from earth surface.

Second, It prevents leaning phenomenon when entering curve with relatively high speed.
Third, it reduces vibration and noise of car body.
Fourth, it reduces driver's fatigue when driving long distance.
Lastly, Indisuspension (urethane cushion) Buffer always provides much more convenient feeling while driving.







Is Indisuspension Buffer (Urethane Buffer) made of rubber?

Indisuspension (Urethane cushion) Buffer does not contain even 1% of rubber. It is made from 100% Urethane material.

Indisuspension (Urethane cushion) Buffer is product that was made after numbers of trials and errors by conducting 
continuous product tests and material tests. Currently, we are using the same Urethane material 
that 'NIKE', the world best sportswear company uses for their shoes and clothes. We proudly present this outstanding product.

What type of car can fit Indisuspension Buffer (Urethane Buffer) ?

Indisuspension (Urethane cushion) Buffer can be installed on cars having coil spring in shock absorber.

It can't be applied for bar type shock absorber or plate suspension.


What is the summary of characteristics of Indisuspension Buffer (Urethane Buffer) ?


1) Has great heat resistance, cold-resistance, and oil-resistance. Therefore, it can be applied for all 
    regions and climate conditions. It has excellent durability.


2) High tension and attraction of product absorbs any kinds of shock effectively.


3) Various sizes of Indisuspension (Urethane Cushion) Buffer(K, S, A, A+, B, B+, C, C+, D, E, F, F+) can fit most of the cars
    from entire world.


4) It protects car shock absorber from unpredictable shock and provides sense of stability while 
    cornering. Its main role is to enhance comfort while driving and to make driving safer.
    Indisuspension Buffer protects shock absorber and extends its durability.
    It reduces the exchanging cost of expensive shock absorber. It originates best performance and 
    value compare to its price.



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